grazy times but we are OPEN 1 December 2020


Yes, we are open! 

It's a grazy up and down right now but we are glad being able to stay open for you with take-away coffees, cakes, coffee beans and equipment.

every day from 8.00 - 13.00

We can't express how grateful we are for you all coming to our shop every single day!
Thank you for  being a true NOMAD. You are just awesome.

hiring baristas 20 hours/week 5 February 2020

yeah!!! the first two months are completed!  thank you!!

it's time to hire fun vibed people to join!

>> you love coffee

>> you worked in specialty coffee before

>> you speak english fluently 

>> you are a people lover and can spread good vibes

>> you can keep your things together in stressful situations

>> cleanliness and quality is what you love

>> you're great at welcoming people, making them smile 

what do you get out of this ?

    >> money. a fair starting wage that will increase if you rock.
    >> tips money
    >> coffee all day for free ;-)
    >> an fun job in coffee in the greatest city on the cote d'azur 

This sounds like you? Send your application to hello(at) Looking forward to it!

our story

from around the world to the old town of Antibes

Evelyn Priesch, founder and barista

Have you already met LE NOMADE at the harbour of the old town? Looking out to the sea, excited for the adventures and great times to be had discovering the world.

Originally from Austria, where I lovingly ran a speciality coffee bar for seven years, I first came to Antibes by chance in July 2019. I instantly found it to be the most beautiful hub in which to stay, live and work.

Now I have taken this devotion to coffee and nomadic spirit with me to the old town of Antibes. I am excited to meet a lot of people with the same passion and ideas and to encounter some new ones along the way.

Come in and have a good time with us!